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The Martin B-26 Marauder Medium Bomber

 My father, Lt. W. H. (Bill) Lankford served in the Army Air Corp during World War II.  He enlisted in 1942 and went through cadet pilot training in Arkansas and Texas and graduated December 1942 at the Air Force Advanced Flying School, Kelly Field, Texas.  He was in class 42K.  He Served In The 441 Squadron, 320 Bomb Group, 12th Air Force, U.S. Army Air Corp.  

He later flew in the Berlin Airlift.  He retired from active duty in 1962 with the rank of Lt. Colonel.


My Father Flying The B-26 On A Mission Over Italy


 B-26s In Formation During A Mission


 My Father’s B-26 Crew In North Africa


 My Father Next To His Tent In An Olive Grove In Sardinia


 My Father Next To A Stuka JU87 German Plane


 B-26 In Flight


 The First B-26 Crash That My Father Was In - The Plane Was Unnamed


 Crash Of The “Vic” – This Was The 3rd B-26 Crash That My Father Was In


 View Of The “Vic” From The Other Side


 The 4th B-26 Crash My Father Was In - The "Lady Eve"


More About The Crash Of The “Lady Eve”


 According to a United Press report from Allied headquarters in North Africa, Lieutenant William H. Lankford of Pearson, had a narrow escape when he came in from a raid on Naples with a crippled plane.


Captain Curtiss A Miller, of Tamp, Fla., was the pilot of the Marauder medium bomber, and set a long distance record, the report said, for flying on one engine when he brought the ship back from the raid on Naples to land on a North African wheat field, a trip of more than 300 miles.


Lieutenant Lankford was a member of the crew, the news report stated.  It is presumed that he was co-pilot of the plane.  The B-26’s right engine was knocked out, its electrical system was shot up and its hydraulic system was broken, and there were many flak holes in the fuselage.


Lieutenant Lankford’s mother, Mrs. H.L. Lankford has received two letters from him recently.  The first letter received was dated “North Africa, July 6.”  He said he had been on a two-day trip, the nature of which he did not disclose.  Mrs. Lankford gained the impression from some parts of the letter that he was seeing combat service.  He also wrote her about trading with the natives, and about meeting some of his old classmates since he had been in North Africa.  One of these former classmates had been held by the Germans as a prisoner and was released when the Allies took the North African country.  Another one told of being in battle and capturing 6 Germans.


Lieutenant Lankford has been overseas since May 5.  He received his commission last December at the Air Force Advanced Flying School, Kelly Field, Texas.


He is a brother of Jake Lankford, former basketball coach and instructor at the Waresboro High School.


 Last Day In North Africa Before Coming Home


 Merry Marie Sue

 B-26 That Lost One Wing

 General Doolittle The Commanding Officer Of The 12th Air Force And Lt Col John Fordyce The Commanding Officer Of The 320th Bomb Group


 General Eisenhower On The Isle Of Capri



Bob Hope Performing at El Bathan



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