Patent Protected Designs and Business Start-ups...

Tim Norwood with his Fiberglass skin Design Prototype for Shyjack Man-lifter Corporation.

Automotive Style Designer:
Products, Marine, Automotive, Heavy Vehicles
Chevant Clay Modeling and Formal Tooling, Projects managment the way a project should be run, from origional estimated business plan, to finished product from the fabrication line.
Concepts evolve, but; but must maintain a real build-ability!
Tim Norwood's projects get built, on-time, on-budget and On-The-Mark!

Contracted by Manta Catamarans Inc. to Project and Plant Manage their entire relocation, hiring, training, facilities and line development, new product design of the new Powercat and redevelopment of the existing craft into the new Mark II model introduced at the 2003 Miami Boat Show. Built the first 3 prototypes out of the new plant, and handed over the keys with 10 boats on order and a production line exactly on schedule, all within a short period of 8 months.


Designed, rendered, estimated, business planned, managed the Tooling Construction, and the building of the first two boats of the Tollycraft Yacht Corporations 55' Raised Pilothouse Motor Yachts. Delivered on time and on budget!

Developed hard surface and design parts for military flight simulator cockpits and the Aces II ejection seat trainers for a Fort Worth Texas based military aviation conpany. These units are used to train our US Navy fighters in the safe usage of their safety apparatus, and with the full motion application they are able to interface with multiple pilots for simulated missions flight.
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Modern Truck Concept Designs




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