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Classic RowNORWOOD Rowing Boats 
Whitehalls & Sculling Whitehalls 12', 14', 16', 18', 20'
A Full fleet of 1 & 2 rower Sculls
and Competition Crewboats for up to 8 rower teams
avaliable by Jan. 2012
Also coming:
Electric & Fuel Powered Crew Competition Chase Boats
and Green Powered Motor launches.
Call for information: 941-780-5514


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Sarasota/ Bradenton Florida
For Detail Pictures please touch & visit,


ROWNORWOOD Whitehall  Rowing Boat 12'-6"

$3995.00       12.5' Whitehall molded deck

$3595.00       12.5' Whitehall w/o molded deck

$16995.00     12.5' Party Pack (5 Boats)

 (Party Pack includes 5 free sets of  6' Oars and Lock Loops)

$875.00         Galvanized Trailer

$350.00         Wood Shipping Crate & handling

$650.00         Snap-down 3 Cushion Set

$400.00         Custom Storage Cover w/ tentpole

$175.00         Stainless Steel Keel Strip

$350.00         Molded Fiberglass Storage Cradles

$325.00         Standard 7' Oars & Lock loops

$375.00         Standard 8' Oars & Lock loops

$375.00         Rubber Gunnel Rub Rail

$475.00         Canvas Padded Rub Rail

$175.00         Wood Stern Mount for elect. motor

$125.00         3 Stainless Steel Cleats

$125.00         Custom Vinyl Stern Boat Name

$  45.00         Oar Boots

$  65.00         Stainless Steel Oarlock Pair 


Classic Norwood 20 Motor Launch

$28,995. to $35,995.  


Standard hull colors are

Lt. Yellow , Sunshine yellow, Blue, Red, Powder Green

All topsides are White


Email Orders to


50% down payment required.

All boats are custom built to order.

NORWOOD 20 Motor Launch $35,000.


"Our roots come from the Sea, and ALL of our craftsmen and craftswomen, are real boat lovers". We pledge, to build the very best boats or related products with two simple purposes in mind. 1. "Customer Satisfaction with our product", and 2. "Workers Satisfaction in themselves and their passing that love onto their families value systems". We love putting people to work, and with this goal We personally ask you, 'Our Customer', for your valued business!
"This is a Christian owned business, and all glory belongs to Him"!
Tim Norwood
Master Boat Builder, Founding Owner
Row Norwood Rowing Boats



All fiberglass 12' lapstrake Whitehallrow ing boat, custom made to order in Sarasota Florida. A beautifully made and beautifully behaved rowboat for 1-3. Designed for coastal harbors, but perfect for Adirondack lakes and Rivers. Styled & detailed to recall a historic wooden boat without the weight.


LOA 12'-6", Beam 3'-10", Height at Midship 18", Height at bow 24", Keel +/- 1", Approx Weight w/ dbl Liner +/- 95 to 145lbs., Pin to Pin Width 45", Person Capacity 1-3, Carrying Capacity 500 lbs., Draft 5", Track Travel 42", all Fiberglass & Gelcoat, 316 Stainless Steel Hardware, Nylon Sleeved Bronze Oarlock Points, Delivery time approx. 3 to 4 weeks from time of 1/2 down deposit.

Shipping to anywhere!



Norwood 20 Bio-Diesel Water Taxi
$28,995.00 to $75,995.00
Call for detailed information.
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Tim Norwood

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